Hi! I'm OztheNekoMaster from Banzai! Productions! Here I will be posting my random musings, derp photos, and progress pictures. Down below, you can find the link to the Banzai! Productions group facebook page. Under "other cosplay accounts" you'll be able to find my own cosplay facebook page and so forth.

Enjoy your stay!

are you going to pheonix winter comic con?

I can’t say for sure…probably not?  Unless my mom wants to go and I tag along with her to keep her company.  It is close by, but PCC isn’t really relative to my interests anymore.

There was a character I was super into and wanted to cosplay with a passion, but school started and I got into other series, and now my motivation to finish his cosplay has depleted to zero. How do you motivate yourself to work on the cosplay/rekindle your love for characters?

If you had a passion for it before, the passion will still be there even if you lose motivation.

I actually find myself being reminded of how much I want to cosplay certain characters just simply by rewatching or replaying the series/game/whatever.  Or even listening to the soundtrack since music is a big influence for me.

Like Calista Arganan, for example.  That cosplay is slow going, but every time I listen to the music or play the game again, I sort of go “oh yeah” and then work on her a little more.

As for working during school, just take little steps at a time.  You don’t need to work on cosplay all at once.  Just sew a few seams and call it a day. :)  It’s all about pacing yourself.

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