Hi! I'm OztheNekoMaster from Banzai! Productions! Here I will be posting my random musings, derp photos, and progress pictures. Down below, you can find the link to the Banzai! Productions group facebook page. Under "other cosplay accounts" you'll be able to find my own cosplay facebook page and so forth.

Enjoy your stay!

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Will Thomas ever make another reappearance in a future skit or anything?

We’ve sort of jokingly talked about a paranormal activity-ish appearance.  But not much beyond that. XD

You've cosplayed a lot of guy characters over the years. Have you ever just stopped to think about a girl costume to wear, specifically to wear a -girl- costume? Have you ever thought about bribing the rest of the group to wear Golden Sun costumes with you?

Not necessarily. XD  I cosplay the characters that speak to me.  It’s just that earlier in my cosplay career, they were mostly guys.  But recently some girls have been slipping in there because I’ve found more girl characters that I connect to.  But really, I look mostly for design and how much I love the character.  Also, the guys that I cosplay are either young or girly, so it works out just fine. -v-b

For the second part of your question, as cool as that would be, none of them have even played Golden Sun. XD;

Did you buy ur Kanato wig? If not, how did you do the white ends?

Yes, I did buy my Kanato wig!  And it came with that gradient effect.

*whispers * I think you're super cute. *slowly fades away*

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